Vacuum/pressure switches

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Vacuum/Pressure switches for the most common applications.
VS11: Sensor with miniature design and low weight (Replaces MICRO)
FEMTO: Sensor with both digital and analog output.
PICO-02: High protection class with display showing vacuum/pressure with I/O-Link
F08-K: Digital, compact with low weight including high protection class with I/O-Link (Replaces ATTO-D)
F09-T-K: Analog, compact with low weight including high protection class (Replaces ATTO-A)
Nano-02: Sensor with display, 2 digital outputs and I/O-Link

  • Vacuum/pressure sensor F08-K

  • Vacuum/pressure sensor F09-T-K

  • Vacuum/pressure switch FEMTO

  • Vacuum/pressure switch NANO-02

  • Vacuum/pressure switch PICO-02

  • Vacuum/pressure switch VS11

Sensors for monitoring vacuum

Here you will find sensors / pressure switches for monitoring vacuum lifting or other application areas where you need to monitor vacuum. Choose between six different types of sensors – VS11, Femto, Pico, F08-K, F09-T-K and Nano. Each one has unique features to suit your need when it comes to monitoring vacuum.