Multi function ejectors

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Two models of Multi Function Ejectors

AVAC offers two different types av multi function ejectors – Autovac MFE and AVAC 2BV AIR SAVE.

The Autovac MFE is equipped with a display which shows the current vacuum level and gives visual feedback at programming. The device has push buttons and LEDs for visual indication and programming. Electrical communication is made via an M12 connector. The external start signal initiates vacuum generation. The vacuum generation is maintained for as long as the start signal is enabled. The internal control system switches off the vacuum generation when the set upper limit (70%) is reached and restarts if the lower limit (65%) is reached. This process continues until the start signal is disconnected, resulting in an air saving potential of >95%.

2 BV AIR SAVE Ejector with pneumatic air saving The ejector is equipped with an integrated full pneumatic control circuit which shuts off the air supply when the preset max vacuum level is reached and restarts when reaching the min level.This enables compressed air savings of more than 95 %. The preset vacuum level can be changed +/- 10 % with the adjusting screw on the unit.

By connecting compressed air to the unit, the air saving is controlled internally independent of any external control system. A blow-off signal is required to release the object from the suction cup.The valve in the release signal port opens at 0.5 bar, which results in a very quick and controlled blow-off. A vacuum sensor connected to the unit can give feedback to an external control system that the ongoing sequence can continue.

Customize your multi function ejector

AVAC offers both standard and tailored solutions of vacuum ejectors. If you have any questions regarding a tailored solution of a multi function ejector or any of our other vacuum ejectors, please get in touch with us at